Thresholds: Practical Uses

Ever wonder why dog trainers make their dog stop and wait to be released before going through doorways? They’re not trying to be fancy; threshold training actually has real world practical uses. Want your dog to stop running away? Want him to be calm in the car?
When you teach a dog to be more respectful and simply stop and check in with you until he’s released to exit/enter a doorway, you’re teaching him tons of impulse control and helping to prevent him from running away. Teaching thresholds is a major part of relationship building with your dog. Once you can open a door and know that he will not rush through you can be sure he’s tuning in with you. He’ll have a much more calm state of mind after he’s allowed to go through the doorway. You can open your front door and welcome people inside without fear of him bolting, you can open the gate to your backyard and push the lawn mower through without him leaving. Car doors and the gate to the pool area are thresholds too. Practice thresholds every opportunity you can, be consistent, and the results will pay off!

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