Recall Tips For Dog Owners

If you’re struggling with recalling your dog, here are a few tips.
It may be too soon- if you’re not getting consistent recall while your dog is on a long line, he might not be ready to be off leash even in the fenced in back yard . Every time you say “Fido come” and he ignores you he’s learning that recall means nothing. If you call him and he doesn’t come you must be 100% committed to walking out to get him. If he thinks this is a game and wants to play chase he’s most certainly not ready to be off leash. Just keep him on a long line until he’s absolutely reliable.
Never call your dog with an angry or frustrated tone. Every recall should be a good thing in his mind.
Don’t always end the fun after recall- if he’s having lots of fun, recall him, pet him or give him some food and then release him back to playing. This teaches him recall is part of the fun rather than the end of it.
Start with minimum distractions and work up to more challenge. Inside the house at first then fenced in areas.
Practice hundreds and hundreds of repetitions.
Teach him place command and recall from one place cot to another inside your home. Dogs can’t wait to be released from place so they’re highly motivated to recall.
Consider e-collar training. If you want a reliable off leash trained dog, there is no better way. With low level e-collar training (with a high quality e-collar) even under the highest distractions at significant distances you can communicate with your dog. Nothing is 100% but it’s darn close. It’s a great safety measure, like wearing a seatbelt.
Remember there is no shame in using a long line. Use it as long as he needs it. It’s much better to be safe dragging around a 20-50′ leash than losing your dog.

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