help your dog get organized

Help Your Dog Get Organized!

I like to think of obedience foundation work as organization. Think about how much better our minds work when we get organized. Chaos is tough to navigate. Help your dog get his mind right by teaching the basic stuff like sit, place,down, heel, waiting at thresholds, how to be calm in the crate,and waiting for food.
When dogs live in a constant state of freedom, lacking rules and limits, sometimes they struggle. I’m sure you’ve seen a dog that runs from window to window barking at anything passing, or jumping from couch to couch and charging guests, getting up on the table and taking food, or dogs that eat absolutely anything (shoes,toys,underwear,socks,etc),or one that constantly escapes from a fenced yard after digging or jumping fences. Living like this is actually incredibly stressful for a dog. Many dogs can’t handle a life without rules. So the fall out is often very frustrated and tired owners that are struggling to keep up. The majority of the time all that’s needed is a little organization! by teaching your dog basic foundation training you can help to clear his chaotic mind. The jumpy impulsive reactions tend to fall away and he will look to you for direction and start to make better choices. You will have far less stress and so will he. Life with your dog will look more organized and become more peaceful.


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